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For the majority of people the service we offer will be able to meet your needs when drafting your Will. 
However, if you have a complex situation our Will Service may not be suitable in which case we advise you to seek legal advice from a solicitor. The situations in which this would be appropriate are listed opposite.
If none of the conditions apply to you then simply check the box beside them to continue.
In the following section you need to confirm that you are of sound mind, are old enough etc. to use our service.
After this, you can continue to the next section of the form by selecting 'Continue' and begin to enter the details we need to draft your Will document.


Please answer the questions below to confirm our service is suited to your needs.

To ensure that our service is suitable for your needs please confirm that you do not:
  • have assets outside of England and Wales that you wish to include in your will
  • own a property as joint tenants and not wish to leave it to the other joint owner
  • wish to leave specific instructions relating to the continuation of a business
For your protection and to ensure that you are able to use our service can you confirm that you:
  • are of sound mind
  • are aged 18 years or over
  • are able to read and write
  • understand that by competing and executing this will you are revoking all previous wills
  • understand that this will is only valid for assets in England and Wales

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