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Online Will Application

1. How do I update my Will?
You can log back into your account at any time and update your Will free of charge. (You must print, bind and attest and updated Will.
If you need the changes you make to be checked by one of our will writers this is possible for a small charge.

2. Should we have Mirror Wills?
It should be clarified that a Mirror Will is not a single document or 'Joint Will'. It is two Single Wills that mirror each other.
If you wish to leave everything to each other it will work out cheaper and quicker for you to apply for Mirror Wills.
You can also apply for Mirror Wills if you both wish to make the same specific gifts to a third party
If you both wish to leave your estate in slightly different ways then the best option is to create two Single Wills.

3. Can my Will be checked
 Yes. We offer a free checking service. All you need to do is return the Will to our administration centre at IWC, Suite 3, 9-13 Bocking End, Braintree, CM7 9AE. If you need to create an Estate plan, just let us know.

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