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What our clients say...

"Thank you for making the Will process so easy and answering my query by
telephone so promptly. Your service is good value for money."

Eileen Jordan "Making A Will helped us update our wills, as our previous will-writers disappeared off the net. The online service was very easy to use. We needed a few adapts, and they were able to deal with these by email and amend the online version accordingly. Happy to recommend the service."
Michael Locke "I found the service simple to access, implement and complete.
The help and communication was excellent.
Thank you."
Robert Da Forno

Do I need a solicitor?

The short answer is no...

In most cases it is not necessary to use a solicitor to make a will. Provided the will is worded correctly it is just as legal as if you had paid a solicitor to prepare it for you.

Therefore our will service enables you to make a perfectly legal will without visiting a solicitor.

Why use us?

  • No complicated forms - just simple questions.
  • All Wills can be returned to us to be checked by a will writer.
  • 100% legally valid document
  • Free updates to your will online.

Is it Legal?

Many people worry about the legality of making a will without using a solicitor. However, provided the Will is correctly worded, signed and witnessed it is a fully legal document regardless of who wrote it.

Furthermore the will does not need to be signed by a solicitor - it can be witnessed by almost any two adults provided they are not beneficiaries of the will, nor married to beneficiaries and they can physically see you sign the document.

How does it work?

We have simply automated an age old process followed by solicitors drafting Wills all over England & Wales. This allows us to provide you with a totally legal document at a substantially lower cost in a short period of time. (This service should not be used if you live in Scotland and all of your assets are in Scotland)

The Will document you create using our site will contain the same standard clauses and be just as legal as one written by a solicitor.

While preparing your Will online, you can stop at any point, and simply return at a convenient time to log in and continue where you left off. Having completed your Will with us, you can return to the site at any time in the future and make alterations and updates at absolutely no extra charge.

We also provide a professional binding service and even often a bespoke Willwriting service for those with more complex wishes. Remember always any time your online Will changes you must print, bind and attest the new document. 


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